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The below INSAR baselines for February 1996 are available on line

15 March 1996

INSAR ERS-1 to ERS-1 baselines (Phase G), INSAR ERS-1 to ERS-2 baselines (Phase G), INSAR ERS-2 to ERS-1 baselines (Phase A), INSAR ERS-2 to ERS-2 baselines (Phase A)

Special Acquisition Planning

27 February 1996

Special acquisitions have been planned for the period 10 February to 1 March 1996 due to the Baltic Sea icing over.

ERS-2 will track down the origins of ozone depletion

23 January 1996

The first scientifically meaningful results derived from the Global Ozone Monitoring Experiment (GOME) onboard its ERS-2 satellite.

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