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DESCW offline catalogue: over 10 enhancements.

12 March 1998

Available now: information on Acquiring Stations, new Interferometric baseline tool , indicative coverage of three Envisat-1 satellite instruments, Landsat-5 TM floating scenes display and several search improvements.

RS Training

27 February 1998

Training sessions on Remote Sensing Applications.

Earth coverage catalogue data population now in graphical form

19 February 1998

Access from the ESA multimission catalogue Entry Page. See "Catalogue Population".


15 December 1997

1 February 1998 is the deadline for the submissioe of the AO3 for ERS-2

Opening of the AO3

09 October 1997

The new ERS-2 Announcement of Opportunity is now open.

New: English / Spanish versions of the documents

21 August 1997

The Use and Applications of ERS in Latin America. Image Processing Techniques, both available on order.

New documentation sections

18 August 1997

See the new documentation sections for Glaciology and Oceanography.

Product prices

12 August 1997

Prices of Remote Sensing Products (as approved by ESA) can be found for the ERS-1 and 2 SAR instrument, the ERS-1 and 2 low bit rate instruments, the "experimental missions" instruments and the JERS-1 instruments.

Germany and Poland flood

06 August 1997

Exceptionally both ERS-1 and ERS-2 have been used to capture scenes over the Oder river between Poland and Germany. Available within hours or, at most, a few days after sensing, the images show the extension and the evolution of the flood. Whenever applicable, images acquired by the Landsat satellite are also shown. Detailed legends help interpreting the displayed data.

New DESCW version for Windows 95

07 July 1997

ERS User Services and Eurimage are pleased to announce the new release of DESCW. This new version is fully compatible with Windows 3.1 systems. Moreover many more features are available. Please also note the new ftp address.

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