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Earth Observation market development - CALL for proposals

30 March 2000

In the framework of the ESA Earth Observation Envelope Programme, ESA opens a CALL for IDEAS for the EO Market Development. Short and long term proposals are available.

DATA selection with thematic maps in DESCW catalogue

03 March 2000

It is now possible to apply special thematic parameters when searching for satellite data acquired over specific areas at specific times in the multimission DESCW catalogue. Four themes are available: vegetation type, cloudiness, precipitation and hot spots. Moreover, seven types of ERS-1 and 2 tandem pair density can be specified.

3-D quicklook demo on Product catalogue (EOLI)

25 February 2000

A 3D Quicklook (VRML) demonstration package is available in the newly released interface of the ESA/ESRIN multimission catalogue. A VRML plug-in is required. An Image Correction Applet to enhance the display of quicklook full size images has also been added. Access both features through the DETAIL button (use the EOLI interface).

Multi-mission Catalogue: Landsat and JERS data restored

18 February 2000

The ESA-ESRIN multimisson catalogue year 2000 release now includes 2 more series of catalogue data: the Landsat 5 and 7 Thematic mapper (TM) and the JERS SAR acquisitions. Inventory data is available for both. Quicklooks are available for TM data with enhanced quality and a new image correction function (use Detail button). Access the Multi-mission catalogue (level 1 and 2 products).

MEGA CITIES a demonstration of potential value of ESA EO data

20 January 2000

The potential value of ESA Earth Observation satellite data for urbanism purposes has been studied by the MEGACITIES project. Six applications domains among which Urban Planning and Transportation Management have been covered. The test cities involved are Berlin and Hanoi. Real application cases are supported by generic information on Mega City Information Systems (MCIS). Access the MEGACITIES pages.

Early year 2000 earth coverage included in DESCw version 4.14

02 November 1999

The enhanced DESCw version 4.14 includes the planned earth coverage for early year 2000 for the ERS-1 and 2 and the Landsat satellites. Users with version prior to 4.12 need to re-install the new softare in order to take advantage of all new facilities.

ERS-ENVISAT Symposium 2000 - call for papers

28 October 1999

This is the first announcement of the new conference organised by ESA in Gothenburg (Sweden) on 16-20 October 2000. All interested parties are invited to submit their abstract between January and 15 April 2000.

Turkey free scene offer closed

30 September 1999

In response to the offer for a set of ERS SAR & LANDSAT 5 TM products over Turkey (see 23 August 1999 News), 23 proposals have been selected and have already provided preliminary results. Final results will be presented in major conferences in year 2000 (e.g. ERS/ENVISAT Symposium, October 2000, Gothenburg, Sweden). Watch future ESA conference announcements.

DESCW data catalogue: Landsat coverage extended

06 September 1999

Data coverage of the Landsat 1,2,3,4 and 7 has been added to the DESCw catalogue now available online. As all inventory files have been changed (and further improved), all users are requested to INSTALL the latest DESCW anew to take advantage of the most recent features.

Turkey Earthquake : ERS SAR and LANDSAT data available

23 August 1999

ESA is prepared, under conditions listed below, to make a basic set of ERS SAR data available to expert teams who are commited to analysing the effects of the August 1999 earthquake in Turkey (Middle East) and sharing the results.

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