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DESCW data catalogue: Landsat coverage extended

06 September 1999

Data coverage of the Landsat 1,2,3,4 and 7 has been added to the DESCw catalogue now available online. As all inventory files have been changed (and further improved), all users are requested to INSTALL the latest DESCW anew to take advantage of the most recent features.

Turkey Earthquake : ERS SAR and LANDSAT data available

23 August 1999

ESA is prepared, under conditions listed below, to make a basic set of ERS SAR data available to expert teams who are commited to analysing the effects of the August 1999 earthquake in Turkey (Middle East) and sharing the results.

ESA EO Supply Chain Workshop 1999 - Report

11 August 1999

The Report of the ESA EO Supply Chain Workshop held at ESRIN (Frascati- Italy) on 8-9 April 1999, has been added to the General Applications Documentation page. It can either be ordered in printed form or downloaded on this site in PDF version.

Landsat TM products on CD: reader software

06 August 1999

Users wishing to read the CEOS annotations of the LANDSAT TM products on CD from machines with Solaris 1 & 2 or WINDOWS 95 & 98 operating systems can now download the relevant software from the software gallery on this site (free of charge).

DESCW product catalogue: version 4.12

07 June 1999

The new DESCW version includes many new features and must be loaded fresh in a new directory following the instructions given in the install, upgrade and update procedures. Among the new features: the addition of LANDSAT-7 ETM coverage worldwide, the improved online access to quicklooks for Landsat, the access to a selection of ERS SAR Geocoded Quick Looks (ImageDB). When searching the limit of ERS consecutive tracks has been increased to 5 and for the first time personalized inventory files creation has become possible.

Key information; input of ERS-AO3 reports

26 April 1999

Public key information about the ESA AO* Programmes and a brief description of all accepted AO-3 projects are available now. Moreover, through a personal password, ESA AO-3 Principal Investigators can find "Reporting Guidelines" and directly submit there their project reports and any other related information. For more details contact our Helpdesk.

World surface temperatures Atlas - Demo CD

14 April 1999

Two years land surface temperatures products from the AVHRR sensor* have been issued on a CD-ROM available upon request from our Helpdesk. Produced by ESA, the CD contains excerpts from the full resolution land surface temperature (1 km pixel) data set over Europe, as well as so-called world monthly  "climatic values" (0.5°x 0.5° grid). Processed data goes from July 1992 - to June 1993. More details and direct CD order (free of charge - see 'mixed purpose software'). *Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR) sensor on board the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Adminitration (NOAA) series of Polar Orbiters.

Descw version 4.11

01 April 1999

The newly introduced DESCW 4.10 family has been upgraded with handier activation of 'Time Difference' across Missions and 'Selected frame' highlight from the Zoom window. Also the ATSR visibility and Baseline windows have been modified. To take advantage of the features the Software part 1 and 2 (files data1.z and data2.z ) should be downloaded fresh.

Descw version 4.10

01 March 1999

The Descw tool for viewing the ERS satellites earth coverage and many other remote sensing missions has been further upgraded. The new version 4.10 is incompatible with any former one . Consequently all users need to INSTALL the new version before updating the earth coverage files. Details on advantages.


14 December 1998

A new campaign is currently foreseen from 11 January - 15 February 1999. The moving of the mobile station to Kourou has been postponed until futher notice. Any product order for the campaign should be sent as soon as possible. Use the help&mail facility.

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