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Italy earthquake (L'Aquila, April 2009): ESA dataset package

15 April 2009

ESA makes freely available to the scientific community a dataset of SAR products (Envisat and ERS) corresponding to the earthquake of L'Aquila (Italy) which took place on 6 April 2009.

Gradiometer instrument switched on

08 April 2009

The gradiometer instrument has been switched on and is producing data.

EOLI-SA. ALOS PRISM and PALSAR future ordering disabled

07 April 2009

Due to a configuration problem, ordering of future acquisitions for ALOS PRISM and PALSAR data has been disabled in EOLI-SA.

Electric ion propulsion engine switched on

06 April 2009

The electric ion propulsion system has been switched on and confirmed to be operating normally.

Tracking of the GOCE satellite

03 April 2009

As per 31 March the International Satellite Laser Ranging Service has begun tracking the GOCE satellite.
The first successful laser ranging measurement was obtained in the early morning while the satellite was passing over Australia.

ENVISAT RA2 USO Correction Files - Service resumed

01 April 2009

Nominal generation of the NRT orbit-basis USO correction files for the Envisat Altimetry NRT FDGDR products was resumed this morning. All missing data files have been recovered.

GOCE Commissioning Phase

01 April 2009

Following the completion of the GOCE Launch and Early Orbit Phase, ESA is proceeding with the commissioning of all satellite and ground systems.

ENVISAT RA2 USO Correction Files - Service Blocked

30 March 2009

Due to a hardware problem in ESRIN, the production of NRT orbit-basis USO correction files for the Envisat Altimetry NRT FDGDR products is blocked since the 28th of March around 18:00.
Nominal operations should restart today and all files will be recovered.

AATSR ordering on EOLI-SA disabled

30 March 2009

As the complete ENVISAT AATSR mission is available on-line via the MERCI tool with also Near-Real Time products available on the Rolling Archive, the possibility to order these products has been disabled in EOLI-SA. Catalogue search and browsing is however still available.

MERIS RR Cloud-free Subscription Service

25 March 2009

The "MERIS RR Cloud-free Subscription Service" allows Category 1 users to download MERIS Reduced Resolution products from rolling archives. An e-mail will notify users when new products satisfying order requests become available. The Service Result Information page will provide products information and a link for download.

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