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ENVISAT Commissioning Status

05 August 2002

The ENVISAT spacecraft with all instruments performs well with stable performances.The start of the data delivery to the Cal/Val PIs has been delayed by an instability of various elements of the ground segment, which in turn require extensive manual procedures and lead to a lower throughput than expected in the end-to-end chain of processing, data distribution and handling of requests in general. These difficulties are currently being dealt with and the data delivery to Validation PIs will start by mid August 2002.

New JERS document

28 March 2002

The JERS SAR PRI Products Calibration document is available in the Earthnet Online Library.

On board payload data recording ( use of the Solid State Recorders) and data dump via the X band ...

08 March 2002

ASAR testing of the 320 transmit receive modules, one by one, via the so called module stepping test.
Switch On of the GOMOS Instrument Control Unit.

The Artemis communication terminal antenna has been deployed

07 March 2002

The X band payload data communication channels have been activated with data received at Kiruna and Matera.

New version of DESCW

06 March 2002

DESCW v.4.35 has the following new features: Landsat 5 visibility extended to December 2002, new mission added: Terra/MODIS sensor (ESA acquisitions), Envisat updated launch date.

Payload Module computer switch-on ongoing

05 March 2002

Payload Module computer switch-on ongoing

Ariane 5 launch

01 March 2002

Ariane 5 launch, Envisat released on a near-perfect orbit. Nominal orientation reached. Solar panel fully deployed and rotating to maximize sun exposure at all times.

DESCW catalogue: version 4.34 released

09 November 2001

New features: ERS-2 visibility extended to March 2003, Landsat 7 visibility extended to December 2002, Landsat 7 planned scenes.

DESCW catalogue: version 4.32 released

22 June 2001

In the new DESCW version the visibility of ERS-2 has been extended to the end of the year 2001.

DESCW catalogue: version 4.31 released

09 April 2001

In the new DESCW version: ERS baselines corrected for ERS-2 extended mode operations, bug fixed on Quality indicator for ERS-1 & 2 when CPRF is present and MFC42.DLL file updated (old version could give "DNS creation failure" on NT/2000 systems)

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