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Germany and Poland flood

06 August 1997

Exceptionally both ERS-1 and ERS-2 have been used to capture scenes over the Oder river between Poland and Germany. Available within hours or, at most, a few days after sensing, the images show the extension and the evolution of the flood. Whenever applicable, images acquired by the Landsat satellite are also shown. Detailed legends help interpreting the displayed data.

New DESCW version for Windows 95

07 July 1997

ERS User Services and Eurimage are pleased to announce the new release of DESCW. This new version is fully compatible with Windows 3.1 systems. Moreover many more features are available. Please also note the new ftp address.

New LANDSAT TM document

08 May 1997

"LANDSAT TM ESA Products Format Definition" has been updated.

New documentation section

30 April 1997

Section for "Third Party Missions" added to the Documentation list

Special Acquisition Planning

30 July 1996

The following acquisition were planned over Quebec (Canada) after a flooding event.

Ground Segment

29 March 1996

ESA Ground Station Availability for Satellite Data Acquisition

ATSR available

20 March 1996

The ATSR-2 scan mirror mechanism has been succesfully switched on since 20 March. After two orbits in operation, the temperature and current of the scan mechanism are nominal and stable. The ATSR-2 has been left in nominal operational.

The below INSAR baselines for February 1996 are available on line

15 March 1996

INSAR ERS-1 to ERS-1 baselines (Phase G), INSAR ERS-1 to ERS-2 baselines (Phase G), INSAR ERS-2 to ERS-1 baselines (Phase A), INSAR ERS-2 to ERS-2 baselines (Phase A)

Special Acquisition Planning

27 February 1996

Special acquisitions have been planned for the period 10 February to 1 March 1996 due to the Baltic Sea icing over.

ERS-2 will track down the origins of ozone depletion

23 January 1996

The first scientifically meaningful results derived from the Global Ozone Monitoring Experiment (GOME) onboard its ERS-2 satellite.

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