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Briefing for Industry - 2 March 2001

14 February 2001

ESRIN is planning new activities in the area of Earth observation applications and market development for 2001, for a total cost of more than 5 million Euro. To increase awareness of these new opportunities for European and Canadian industry ESA is organising a Briefing for Industry on 2 March at ESRIN in Italy. Participants will be briefed on the status, scope and planning of the new activities scheduled to commence in 2001, and on the overall approach and longer-term perspectives for the development of Earth observation applications at ESA.

DESCW catalogue: version 4.30 released

02 February 2001

In the new DESCW version, Landsat 5 visibility has been extended to December 2001, the acquisition time delay for Landsat 5 and 7 has been eliminated, and the ERS Tandem baseline window can now be saved as ASCII file. Access the DESCW catalogue.

Ground Segment Overall Validation (GSOV)

11 January 2001

As part of the GSOV, the FOS to PDS Mission planning interface is being extensively tested in parallel with the PDS integration and the FOS simulation campaign. Delivery of PDS V3 will be followed by the rehearsal of the PDS operations to support the commissioning and routine phases, with various data acquisition configurations.

Payload Data Segment (PDS)

10 January 2001

The PDS version 3, supporting the latest satellite configuration, the latest Envisat Reference Operation Plan and the latest GS hardware and software, is within its integration and validation phase. The PDS V3 is scheduled to be delivered by the Prime in April 2001.

Flight Operations Segment (FOS)

05 January 2001

The FOS system is almost operational, and has been used to support the Satellite test at Estec (SVT2).The FOS team is completing the Flight Operations Procedures and preparing the simulation campaign, rehearsing the operations during the Launch, Leop, commissioning and routine phases.

Flight Operations Segment- SVT2

10 November 2000

The development and integration of the Flight Operations Segment (FOS) is proceeding according to plan. Preparations for the SVT2 complementary tests, scheduled for November 2000, are ongoing.

ERS-Envisat symposium: Gothenburg 16-20 Oct

16 October 2000

'Looking down to earth in the New Millennium' More details of the Symposium, are now available.

Earth Observation Exploitation Projects: more web support services

13 October 2000

For an enhanced user(*) support, summaries of past and on-going ERS and ENVISAT applications projects, basic information on the way how to submit new Earth Observation (EO) exploitation projects to ESA , reporting instructions on the projects, reporting on the web, full-text of the ESA EO data policy, prices pages have been renewed or newly implemented. Permanent access from this site in Missions branch, Catalogues and Applications Branches.(*) falling within the Category 1 data as defined by the new ESA Data Policy.

Disman a database on DISASTER Management

04 October 2000

Aimed at helping the identification of organisations playing a key role in the different phases of disaster management in 18 countries, the DISMAN database created under the aegis of the European Space Agency is available now. Technical note: in case access to the database is denied to you, please refer to the DISMAN technical news

ERS/ENVISAT symposium now imminent

02 October 2000

The fourth Scientific Symposium - jointly hosted by ESA and Chalmers University of Technology meant to cover both the ERS and ENVISAT missions and announced on these pages at earlier stages is now imminent. The Gothenburg event, Sweden, will be held from 16 to 20 October 2000. The symposium is an illustration of the ESA support to the development of Earth Observation along three main three lines: Science & Methodology, Development of Applications / Public Services and Development of the commercial market for Earth Observation-based Services.

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