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14 December 1998

A new campaign is currently foreseen from 11 January - 15 February 1999. The moving of the mobile station to Kourou has been postponed until futher notice. Any product order for the campaign should be sent as soon as possible. Use the help&mail facility.

SEAWIFS products

10 December 1998

The SEAWIFS products acquired by the Maspalomas, Scanzano and Tromsoe stations have been added to the Multimission product catalogue. The list covers Sep 1997 onwards - the instrument on board the Orbview-2 satellite (formerly named SeaStar).

MOS products

09 December 1998

The MOS products acquired by the Maspalomas station have been added to the Multimission product catalogue. The list covers January 1998 onwards - the instrument on board the ISRO IRS-P3 satellite.

DESCw upgraded

04 December 1998

DESCw, the software to obtain earth satellite coverage, has been upgraded to version 4.06, which allows visibility for all the year 1999.

ERS-2 AO-3 Projects overview

06 November 1998

ERS-2 AO-3 Projects overview

1999 ESA Remote sensing Product Prices

30 October 1998

The tables include Seawifs and IRS-MOS products and offer new Services. See the 1999 pricelist at any time from any page on this site through the "help and mail" link.

Reader of the CEOS annotations for the JERS1 SAR CEOS tape products

23 October 1998

This software reads products such as DETEC, RAW, COMPLEX, GEC and is suitable for machines that have SOLARIS 1 (or SOLARIS 2) operating system and Sun C compiler installed .

DESCW catalogue version 4.05

05 October 1998

The new version includes data from mobile acquisition stations (e.g. Novosibirsk in Russia). Immediate upgrade is available for local download

Sea and Space: remote sensing data explained to students

12 May 1998

The Sea and Space pages bring the frontiers of technology into schools. Interactive contents - lessons, exercises, fieldwork - are brought335

Automatic DESCw update at user end

06 April 1998

DESCw, the software tool permitting to visualize satellites' past, present and future Earth coverage now available through the Earthnet online BACKWEB facility. Free automatic updates every week.

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