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Matera facility - Acquisition services restored

08 July 2009

The failure affecting both X-band antennas after the lighting strikes occured last week-end has been solved and the facility returned to nominal operations.

Matera facility - Acquisition services impacted

06 July 2009

Due to severe lightning in the Matera (I) area on 4-5 July, both X-band antennas are currently off-line.
This is impacting the Envisat, ERS and ALOS data acquisition.

Five new free of charge services from Service Provider MEEO

16 June 2009

Thanks to a new version of the SOIL MAPPER® spectral classification system MEEO has just released five new services available free of charge until the 30 June 2010 on the SSE Portal.

EOLI-SA - ASAR AP configuration

08 June 2009

Due to re-configuration of the ASAR AP swath, the EOLI-SA Envisat ASAR_AP collection and the EOLI-SA Local Collection for the entire Envisat mission including the corresponding ordering service will be unavailable from 8-9 June 2009.

Earth Science Data Long Term Preservation Survey

14 May 2009

In the context of the EO Long Term Data Preservation initiative and as partner of the European Union's FP7 PARSE.Insight project, ESA is issuing a survey to better understand and evaluate the needs and requirements of the Earth Observation user community on Long Term Preservation of historical environmental data.

MODIS level 1B data for Cat-1 users

22 April 2009

For Category-1 users, the already existing "MODIS level 1B data for Cat-1 users" service now also allows search and download of Near Real Time MODIS data over Europe in HDF EOS format.

EOLI-SA. New release (v 6.1.6)

16 April 2009

A new release of EOLI-SA (v 6.1.6) is now available for download on the EOLI-SA Web pages. Users are therefore encouraged to upgrade their client as soon as possible.

Italy earthquake (L'Aquila, April 2009): ESA dataset package

15 April 2009

ESA makes freely available to the scientific community a dataset of SAR products (Envisat and ERS) corresponding to the earthquake of L'Aquila (Italy) which took place on 6 April 2009.

Gradiometer instrument switched on

08 April 2009

The gradiometer instrument has been switched on and is producing data.

EOLI-SA. ALOS PRISM and PALSAR future ordering disabled

07 April 2009

Due to a configuration problem, ordering of future acquisitions for ALOS PRISM and PALSAR data has been disabled in EOLI-SA.

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