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Archived ALOS data ordering: final test phase

28 February 2007

ESA is now in the final phase of the ADEN node ordering/processing chain for archived data distribution to ALOS users, with the involvement of external test users.

Landsat Classification Demonstrator

27 February 2007

The new SOIL MAPPER classification algorithm of MEEO (Meteorological Environmental Earth Observation) can now be run against the ESA collection of Landsat Thematic Mapper images over Europe. This demonstration service is available free-of-charge to ESA Cat-1 users from March to August 2007, within the Service Support Environment (SSE).

CHRIS 2007 Acquisition Plan

19 January 2007

An opportunity has been opened for new CHRIS Proba data in 2007. Data acquisitions in 2007 can be requested by following the instructions on the Proba Information Area of the EOPI Portal.

Deadline for submission of new acquisition requests is 15 February 2007.

Proba unavailability

10 January 2007

Due to a problem with the Proba star trackers following the solar storm event in December last year, the satellite is currently unavailable for CHRIS data acquisitions.

Status of ALOS transfer to operations

31 October 2006

JAXA has announced the end of the ALOS Commissioning Phase and on 24th October 2006 the operational data distribution phase was started. Before opening data access to ALOS Data European Node (ADEN) users ESA will undergo an end-to-end validation period of the User Services, Processing Facilities and the interfaces with JAXA.

Survey to identify priority requirements for improved data quality for the success of GMES

25 July 2006

Survey to identify priority requirements for improved data quality for the success of GMES

BEAM version 3.6 is available

24 July 2006

The Basic ERS & Envisat (A)ATSR and Meris Toolbox (BEAM) is a collection of executable tools and an application programming interface (API) which has been developed to facilitate the utilisation, viewing and processing of ESA MERIS, (A)ATSR and ASAR data.

Postponement of the 4th CHRIS/HRC Proba Workshop, 21- 23 February 2006- ESRIN, Frascati - Italy

25 January 2006

Due to conflicting events, the 4th CHRIS-Proba workshop, due to take place 21-23 February 2006, will be postponed until a later date in 2006. Users are welcome to send their acquisition requests via email to Confirmation of planning will also be sent by email. As soon as a new date has been confirmed, we will inform you.

DESCW Ver. 4.52 available

21 December 2005

New Features are warning while saving .prm file if there are missing nodes, all mission visibility extended up do December 2006 and all quick looks are taken from MUIS

ERS & ENVISAT Acquisition Planning

21 December 2005

Due to the Christmas Holiday period, nominal programming notice rules has been temporarily modified as follows: In the period 15-Dec-2005 - 09-Jan-2006 programming notice has been raised to 3 weeks ( 21 days+) instead of the nominal 2 weeks. No rush orders will be accepted during this period.

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