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Odin celebrates 14 years in orbit

20 February 2015

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The Odin mission celebrates its fourteenth anniversary today. This international aeronomy and astronomy mission was launched on 20 February 2001 with an expected design life of two years and is still operational today over a decade later.

Odin is a joint mission of Sweden, Canada, France and Finland, through their respective space agencies. ESA supports the Odin mission as one of its Third Party Missions, which enables ESA to distribute data from the mission under an agreement with the satellite owners.

This mission originally served two main objectives; to study ozone depletion and to search for water and oxygen in space. During the early development of the Odin project, scientists discovered that it was possible for the same instruments to be used to serve both of these purposes. Odin carries out its mission through its two instruments: OSIRIS (Optical Spectrograph and Infrared Imaging System) and SMR (Submillimeterwave Radiometer).

For the last several years the mission has focused primarily on atmospheric research, and continues to gather valuable information for the scientific community.