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New service to go live: Envisat-ERS (A)SAR On-the-Fly Data Processing and Data Download service

27 May 2016

ESA will shortly introduce an important change for users in the way to obtain Envisat and ERS (A)SAR data. Evolving from the traditional on-demand PAC production to the new On-The-Fly data processing will imply significant improvement for users being able to trigger (A)SAR processing and download directly from the ESA archive via the new (A)SAR data On-The-Fly (OTF) service.

Gradually starting from July 2016, users will be able to gain direct access to ESA's complete (A)SAR archive from Envisat, ERS-1 and ERS-2. In practice, the On-the-Fly service will allow the users to both generate an (A)SAR Level 1 product directly from ESA's Level 0 data archive and download the generated product through the EOLI-SA interface.

The service will be implemented gradually first for Envisat ASAR data from July 2016, then for ERS-1 and ERS-2 SAR data during autumn 2016. During the transition period (July-December 2016), several mitigation actions will be activated to facilitate the gradual ramp-up of the service. For this reason, users will experience changes in data ordering/delivery procedures and could face longer delivery times in particular for ERS SAR data during the transition period.

Besides the improvement for (A)SAR data user access, the new (A)SAR data On-The-Fly service also has the objective to reduce the Envisat/ERS data operations costs before its transfer to the ESA Heritage Data programme (Long Term Data Preservation – LTDP+).

The standard service will allow users to obtain the following Level 1 products:

  • Envisat ASAR: IMS, IMP, APS, APP and WSS
  • ERS-1/2 SAR: IMS and IMP

The new service will support provision of ERS SAR and Envisat ASAR products in nominal Envisat format and will deliver Level 1 "standard scene" products. The standard user access will be regulated via a daily download quota to ensure parallel usage of the system for many users.

The advanced On-the-Fly service will allow some users to generate a larger amount of L1 products and/or download limited amount of L0 data segments. The promotion in the advanced user category will be upon user request and justification and will require specific ESA authorisation.

Users from existing ESA Cat-1 projects who have been ordering data the last 2 years will automatically be transferred to the advanced user category/service. All other users will be assigned to the standard service.

The medium resolution Envisat WSM, IMM, APM and GM Level 1 products have been bulk processed and will therefore not be available through OTF but via direct download from a separate ESA data access service.

Further information on access and use of the On-the-Fly service will be communicated to users closer to the opening of the new service. In case of specific requests, please contact EOHelp.