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Ground segment overall validation

28 May 2000

  • Spacecraft to Ground Segment, ingesting real data from the Spacecraft into the PDS Front End Processor (FEP)
  • FOS to PDS exchanging PEP and DMOP mission planning files between the FOS and the PDS, or exchanging operational files between the TTCDAF and the PDHS-K located at Kiruna
  • FOS external interfaces, exchanging operational files between the FOS data server and the AO Instrument Providers (Sciamachy, AATSR, Doris), exchanging operational files between the Artemis Control Centre, located at Redu (Belgium) and the FOS data server
  • PDS external interfaces, exchanging data files between the ECMWF meteo centre, the Instrument Engineering calibration facility (IECF), the ROP Generation Tool (RGT) and the PDS
Validation of the Mission Planning interactions between the PDS and the FOS will be performed on dedicated platforms, scheduled for mid-November 2000.