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Call for R&D applications with DSM products based on CartoSat-1 data

23 April 2018

ESA through its Earthnet Third Party Missions (TPM) programme is launching an ad-hoc call for R&D applications with high resolution Digital Surface Model (DSM) products based on CartoSat-1 data.

This call aims at increasing awareness about such high quality DSM products at 5 m resolution and build capacity and knowledge for future exploitation for scientific research and service-oriented operational applications.

Interested entities and researchers can submit their proposal following the standard TPM procedure from the CartoSat-1 Information page.

In the "Data Requirements Products" section of the proposal, two DSM options are available after selection of "Resourcesat/Cartosat/IRS-1C/1D" as the satellite and "PAN" as the instrument:

  • CartoSat-1 Euro-Maps 3D Digital Surface Model – level A (DSM only)
  • CartoSat-1 Euro-Maps 3D Digital Surface Model – level A+ (DSM + ortho image)

Responses to the proposals will be provided one month after the closing date. The Earthnet TPM programme will cover all costs involved in the DSM data supply over the areas of interest. Refinement of the proposal will be coordinated with ESA if necessary. The Earthnet TPM programme will not cover costs involved in the data analysis.

The technical description of the available DSM product is presented below.

Euro-Maps 3D products

In May 2005, India launched its CartoSat-1 (IRS-P5) satellite equipped with the PAN-Aft and PAN-Fore instruments that form a dual-optics 2-line along-track stereoscopic push broom scanner with a stereo angle of 31° and a resolution of 2.5 m. Because of its optimised stereo configuration, IRS-P5 high-resolution stereo satellite imagery proved to be perfectly suited for the creation of Digital Elevation Models (DEMs).

The outstanding and unmatched coverage of up to 15 stereo pairs is the basis for the highly reliable Euro-Maps 3D DEM products, of which the Euro-Maps 3D DSM product is available through the TPM programme.

Figure 1: World-wide coverage of CartoSat-1 stereo data

GAF AG, together with the DLR-IMF, has developed a specialised highly automated multi-source capable production line that has already been used for generating a multitude of digital surface models for more than 6 Mio km2.

Euro-Maps 3D DSM product

This high-resolution DSM product perfectly fits the demand for larger regions and transnational areas and can be generated wherever a sufficient CartoSat-1 stereo data coverage is available. Most of the more than 2.3 million km2 of the Euro-Maps 3D DSM products available off the shelf today have been produced over Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East. This product is completely free of artefacts and it is delivered with several quality and traceability layers. Even smaller water bodies are hydrologically corrected (see Figure 2).

Table 1: Euro-Maps 3D DSM Product Specification

Post spacing

5 m

Spatial reference system

DD or UTM / WGS84  (EPSG: 4326)

Height reference system

EGM96 or WGS84 in meters

Absolute vertical accuracy

LE90 5-10 m

Absolute horizontal accuracy

CE90 5-10 m

Relative vertical accuracy

LE90 < 3 m

File format

GeoTIFF (16-bit)

Figure 2: Euro-Maps 3D DSM product of Edirne and the river Mariza, Greek-Turkish border region; © 2018, GAF AG. Includes material © Antrix, distributed by GAF AG.

Very-high resolution DSMs (0.3 m, 0.5 m and 1 m), derived from various VHR missions, have been produced and delivered for about 40,000 km2. These products are available on commercial basis from GAF.