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Envisat and ERS (A)ATSR improved dataset available

06 September 2013

As previously announced, a 3rd reprocessing exercise has been performed covering the full Envisat and ERS-1/2 (A)ATSR data series. The reprocessing has now been completed resulting in 20 years of consistent high quality data.

3rd Reprocessing Improvements

The main improvements of the 3rd Reprocessing are the following:

  • SST retrievals: Updated SST coefficients supplied by the (A)ATSR Reprocessing for Climate (ARC) project
  • Consistent calibration is implemented for the reflectance channels
  • Cloud identification
  • The collocation displacement between the nadir and forward
  • The absolute nadir geolocation accuracy

The nominal Level 1 and 2 data is available in Envisat format.


L2P/L3U Products

An updated version of the L2P dataset generated by a new processor based upon the ARC processor is also available.

The data is now in NetCDF-4 format and compliant with GDS V2. The L3U product is an entirely new product for (A)ATSR and consists of the ARC L2P dataset remapped onto a regular lat/lon grid, also in NetCDF-4 format.

See further information and User Notes in related news:


Data Access

The 3rd Reprocessing dataset is made available on-line at the following address:

  • FTP:
    (Full mission dataset - all product types)
  • HTTP:
    (Area/time extraction and bulk download via MERCI - for TOA_1P and NR_2P products)
  • NAS: NAS disks for large requests

Customers already registered for access to the (A)ATSR service can use the same UserID and Password for accessing the new servers.

For new users, access to the 3rd Reprocessing dataset is provided upon Registration.

The entire Envisat AATSR dataset is already on line, while upload of the ERS ATSR-1 and ATSR-2 datasets is on-going and is expected to be completed in Autumn 2013.

The (A)ATSR service on the UK server containing the 2nd Reprocessing dataset will run in parallel until further notice.

For any questions please contact EOHelp