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Gaps expected in Swarm Bravo Science data between 22 and 23 June 2016

24 June 2016

Due to a Single Event Functional Interrupt that affected the on board computer mass memory of Swarm Bravo, we expect a gap of Science data between 22/06 15:12:59 UTC and 23/06 03:44:24 UTC.

New GPSR settings on Swarm C satellite

24 June 2016

Previous GPSR setting optimisation revealed that a wider L2 carrier loop bandwidth increased the robustness of the L2 carrier phase tracking.

Swarm Field Aligned Currents products updated from start of mission until 15/07/2015 (included)

23 June 2016

The Swarm products FACxTMS_2F and FAC_TMS_2F have been updated for the period from the start of the mission until 15 July 2015 (included). The reason for this required update has been to fix a bug in the processing of magnetic residuals to geomagnetic models prior to FAC calculations.

WorldView-1/-2/-3, GeoEye-1 and QuickBird data available

23 June 2016

The WorldView-1/-2/-3, GeoEye-1 and QuickBird mission archive and new acquisitions are now available for research and application development.

Envisat RA2 / DORIS data - Change of access

23 June 2016

Users are informed that the Envisat DORIS and RA2/MWR datasets hosted on the F-PAC/CNES ftp server ( have been migrated to the ESA EO centralised dissemination service.

SMOS Level 2 Soil Moisture data now available via EUMETCast in Near-Real-Time

15 June 2016

The SMOS Level 2 Soil Moisture data available in NRT based on a neural network approach (Level-2 SM-NRT-NN product in netCDF format) are now available via EUMETCast, within four hours from sensing.

CryoSat - New version of CUT_ROEF file in CryoSat User Tool

15 June 2016

Scientific Users of the Cryosat User Tool are informed that a new version of the CUT_ROEF file reflecting the updated reference orbit is now available for download.

CryoSat Science Server unavailability on 13 June 2016

13 June 2016

CryoSat users are informed that due to an urgent network maintenance intervention, the CryoSat Science Server may be not reachable today Monday 13 June 2016, from 16:30 UTC (18:30 EMT) to 19:55 UTC (21:55 EMT). We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

ESRIN - EO maintenance planned on 13 June 2016

10 June 2016

A maintenance has been scheduled at ESA / ESRIN on Monday 13 June 2016, from 18:00 to 23:59 CEST.

The planned maintenance activities are expected to have a widespread impact on all EO systems, intra-site communications and Internet access.

New service to go live: Envisat-ERS (A)SAR On-the-Fly Data Processing and Data Download service

10 June 2016

ESA will shortly introduce an important change for users in the way to obtain Envisat and ERS (A)SAR data. Evolving from the traditional on-demand PAC production to the new On-The-Fly data processing will imply significant improvement for users being able to trigger (A)SAR processing and download directly from the ESA archive via the new (A)SAR data On-The-Fly (OTF) service.

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