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Swarm Langmuir Probe preliminary dataset updated

24 August 2015

The Langmuir Probe preliminary dataset, containing ionospheric electron density and temperature, have been updated for the three Swarm spacecraft up to 18 August 2015.

EOLI-SA intermittently available

21 August 2015

Due to technical issues, presently under investigation, the EOLI-SA Catalogue and Ordering tool is intermittently available, often losing connection.

The data search and ordering submission might be impacted by this temporary malfunction.

EOLI-SA - service resumed

17 August 2015

The system problems that have affected the EOLI-SA Catalogue and Ordering tool have been resolved; the service is now available nominally again.

EOLI-SA temporarily unavailable

14 August 2015

Due to system problems, EOLI-SA is temporarily unavailable.

Work is on-going to fix the issue as soon as possible.

Issues with the Swarm EFIx_PL_1B 0401 data

13 August 2015

Due to technical issues, the EFIx_PL_1B production has been stopped. The problem is currently being assessed.

For more details, please read carefully the User Note.

Sentinel open-source Toolbox Hackathon

13 August 2015

The European Space Agency (ESA) is organising the first Hackathon on community coding of open-source toolboxes for Sentinel missions. The event will be held on 15-16 October 2015 in ESRIN at Frascati, Italy following the community consultation meeting on Earth Observation Open Science 2.0. Developers are welcome to apply before 10 September 2015.

ALOS out of ADEN zone data available only from JAXA

13 August 2015

ALOS users are informed that since July 2015, data acquired out of the ADEN zone and not already repatriated to the ESA archives, are available only through JAXA.

New GOSAT TANSO-FTS Level 1B products now available for download

12 August 2015

GOSAT TANSO-FTS Level 1B products processed with the new version 200 are now available for direct download through our servers via a simple fast registration.

The data can be accessed via the GOSAT TANSO-FTS Level 1B product description.

CryoSat NRT products disseminated exclusively to the Science Server

30 July 2015

CryoSat Users are informed that, as of 31 July 2015, NRT product dissemination to the CalVal server will be discontinued. As previously announced, the CryoSat NRT products are already being disseminated to the Science Server, which will become the only NRT dissemination method.

COSMO-SkyMed - More data available for research and application development

30 July 2015

After the success of the COMSO-SkyMed products opportunity offered by ESA in 2013, the Agency is pleased to announce that there is a new opportunity to provide COSMO-SkyMed's archive and tasking data to the scientific user community in four sensor modes (ScanSAR Huge, ScanSAR Wide, StripMap HIMAGE and StripMap PINGPONG) through project proposal submission via the COSMO-SkyMed information area on ESA's Earth Online Portal.

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