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Scientists gear up for ESA's 2007 Envisat Symposium

23 February 2007

More than 800 scientists from around the world will gather in Montreux, Switzerland, to attend the 2007 Envisat Symposium from 23 to 27 April to present and review results from ESA Earth observation satellites.

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ESA celebrates 15 years of near-real time data delivery in Earth Observation

20 February 2007

Decision-makers, scientists and local authorities require up-to-date environmental information in order to manage natural resources, respond to natural disasters and better understand climate change.

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ESA Earth Observation Campaigns Data

13 February 2007

During the last 25 years about 50 Earth Observation campaigns have been conducted including ground-based, air-borne, balloon-borne, ship-borne and small satellite experiments. These were initiated in support of future mission development and of validation of missions in orbit. It is now well established that these activities constitute essential elements of Earth Observation missions.

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Satellite data vital to UN climate findings

01 February 2007

The most authoritative report on climate change to date will be released tomorrow in Paris, France, and is expected to warn of rising global sea levels and temperatures. Earth observation from space plays an invaluable role in helping scientists advance our understanding of climate change and capability to model its evolution.

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CryoSat-2 Announcement of Opportunity

11 January 2007

ESA is pleased to announce the release of an Announcement of Opportunity (AO) which aims exclusively at the Calibration and Validation activities in support of the CryoSat-2 mission.

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Proba unavailability

11 January 2007

Due to a problem with the Proba star trackers following the solar storm event in December last year, the satellite is currently unavailable for CHRIS data acquisitions. Measures are being taken to resolve the situation. It is assumed that nominal CHRIS acquisitions will be resumed from February.

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ESA mission controllers react to solar flare

18 December 2006

An energetic storm on the Sun has forced ESA mission controllers to react to anomalies or take action to avoid damage to spacecraft. Several missions, including Integral, Cluster and Envisat, felt the storm's effects, highlighting the need for ESA's ongoing development of space weather forecasting tools.

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ENVISAT Background Regional Mission

15 December 2006

A new section of Earthnet Online devoted to the background planning of Envisat ASAR and MERIS instruments is now available. This planning is done in absence of user requests with the aim of building a consistent data archive.

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Climate experts search for answers in the oceans

14 December 2006

By absorbing half of the carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere, the oceans have a profound influence on climate. However, their ability to take up this carbon dioxide might be impaired as a result of climate change. To determine their response to global warming, ESA has backed two projects that provide systematic data on key oceanic variables - colour and temperature.

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Explore planet Earth in near-real time

04 December 2006

Have you ever wanted to track natural events in progress, such as fires, floods and volcanic eruptions, or simply explore the planet through the eyes of a satellite? ESA has created a web site, MIRAVI, which gives access to the most recently acquired images from the world's largest Earth Observation satellite, Envisat.

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