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Change detection dataset of ENVISAT ASAR & MERIS, ERS 1&2 SAR, CHRIS/PROBA acquisitions

30 August 2005

Change detection dataset of ENVISAT ASAR & MERIS, ERS 1&2 SAR, CHRIS/PROBA acquisitions. Region of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands and Northern Sumatra

New ENVISAT ASAR Wide Swath Mode Single Look Complex Products

30 August 2005

In order to support the development of new applications with the ASAR ScanSAR data, a new WSM product providing phase information has been developed and implemented in the ESA ASAR processor, the Wide-Swath Single-Look complex product (ASA_WSS_1P).

Envisat sees whirling Hurricane Katrina from ocean waves to cloud tops

29 August 2005

ESA's multi-sensor Envisat satellite has gathered a unique view of Hurricane Katrina in the Gulf of Mexico. While an optical image shows characteristic spiralling cloud patterns, a simultaneous radar observation pierces through the clouds to show how Katrina's 250-kilometre-an-hour winds scour the sea surface.

GOMOS instrument resumes its operations

29 August 2005

The Envisat GOMOS Anomaly Review Board, dedicated to the investigation of the "Elevation voice coil command saturation error" anomaly concludes the following?

MERIS sensor images forest fires in Portugal

21 August 2005

Plumes of smoke from serious wildfires across Portugal fan into the Atlantic in this Envisat satellite view acquired on 21 August.

Spanish forest fire aftermath surveyed by Envisat

04 August 2005

The damage done to Spain's Guadalajara province by July's fierce forest fire has been measured from space by Envisat.

Envisat monitoring China floods as part of Dragon Programme

03 August 2005

China's rainy season has led to serious flooding in the north-east and south of the country. A joint Chinese-European team is gathering Envisat radar imagery of the developing situation to give the authorities a way to swiftly assess affected areas and plan their responses.

Balloons launched over Equatorial Brazil validate Envisat

12 July 2005

As part of ESA's validation and long-term monitoring programme for the atmospheric chemistry instruments on board Envisat, scientists are now facing the challenges of launching huge balloons in Equatorial Brazil to fill a gap in the validation dataset.

Envisat shows behemoth B-15A iceberg breaking up

10 July 2005

After five years of being the world's largest free-floating object, the B-15A iceberg has broken into smaller pieces off Antarctica's Cape Adare.

International Fleet Review viewed from space

01 July 2005

In 1805 the British, French and Spanish navies fought at the Battle of Trafalgar, a British victory marred by the death of Lord Nelson. Two hundred years later, ships from all three countries joined together with those of another 33 countries for an International Fleet Review.

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