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ESA presents the sharpest ever satellite map of Earth

14 May 2007

The most detailed portraits ever of the Earth's land surface have been created with ESA's Envisat environmental satellite. The portraits are the first products produced as part of the ESA-initiated GlobCover project and are available online.

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Transcontinental wildfire emissions monitored from space

08 May 2007

Using data from the SCIAMACHY instrument aboard ESA's environmental satellite Envisat, scientists have determined that the carbon monoxide hovering over Australia during the wildfire season largely originated from South American wildfires some 13 000 kilometres away.

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Satellites shed light on global warming

27 April 2007

As climate change continues to make headlines across the world, participants at the 2007 Envisat Symposium this week are hearing how Earth observation satellites allow scientists to better understand the parameters involved in global warming and how this is impacting the planet.

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Satellites play vital role in understanding the carbon cycle

25 April 2007

The global carbon cycle plays a vital role in climate change and is of intense importance to policy makers, but significant knowledge gaps remain in our understanding of it. Several scientists at the Envisat Symposium this week have highlighted research projects using ESA satellites to understand better this complex process.

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Access to Envisat Data

24 April 2007

The aim of the document Access to Envisat Data (PDF - 4,32 MB) is to present briefly the Envisat mission, the instruments, the Ground Segment and the mission planning constraints, to then focus on the data dissemination methods and the different ways for the users to access the Envisat data.

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Envisat Symposium 2007, Switzerland

23 April 2007

More than 900 scientists from around the world have gathered in Montreux, Switzerland, for a five-day symposium to discuss, present and review their findings on the state of our world's land, oceans, ice and atmosphere using data from ESA Earth observation satellites, in particular Envisat - the largest environmental satellite ever built.

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Scientists meet to review Envisat results after 5 years of operations

12 April 2007

From 23 to 27 April in Montreux, Switzerland, over 900 scientists from around the world will attend the Envisat Symposium 2007 to review and present results of ESA's Earth Observation satellites and in particular Envisat.

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Discover ESA's environmental satellite at the Palais de la Découverte, Paris, 03 April - ...

11 April 2007

ESA's environmental satellite Envisat is the subject of a special dedicated exhibition at the Palais de la Découverte, a much-acclaimed visitor centre focussing on science in the heart of central Paris, as part of their programme of activities for the International Polar Year.

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First greenhouse gas animations produced using Envisat SCIAMACHY data

21 March 2007

Based on three years of observations from the SCIAMACHY instrument aboard ESA's Envisat, scientists have produced the first movies showing the global distribution of the most important greenhouse gases - carbon dioxide and methane - that contribute to global warming.

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ESA's Medspiration project branches out to support biodiversity

19 March 2007

Maps of the sea surface temperature around Galapagos Islands and Cocos Island in the Pacific Ocean are being produced daily and are available online in full resolution in near-real time as part of the Medspiration project, an ESA-funded effort to represent the most reliable temperature of the seas on a global basis.

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