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TIGER workshop highlights project results

30 November 2006

Water resources, the 'blue gold' of the 21st century, are scarce across Africa where the hydrological network is the world's least developed. ESA launched the TIGER initiative in 2002 as a CEOS (Committee on Earth Observation satellites) contribution to assist African countries to overcome water-related problems and to bridge Africa's water information gap using satellite data.

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ESA workshop dedicated to ocean research

29 November 2006

The oceans store approximately half of the carbon dioxide released by fossil fuel burning, yet there remains a lot about their role in the carbon cycle that remains unidentified, such as carbon absorption. Knowledge of ocean colour and sea surface temperature can help scientists answer these questions.

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European Space Agency and Google Earth showcase our planet

17 November 2006

Ever wanted to see what volcanic eruptions, dust storms and changing ice glaciers look like from space? The European Space Agency (ESA) has created a special layer of content that will appear in Google Earth, enabling people to see over 130 new ESA satellite images including natural phenomena and manmade landmarks such as the Palm Islands in Dubai.

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ESA joins UN climate talks in Kenya

07 November 2006

The United Nations annual summit on climate change this week in Nairobi, Kenya, seeks to negotiate a successor to the Kyoto Protocol strategy, which becomes obsolete in 2012, to restrict emissions of heat-trapping gases that drive climate change. ESA joins the activities to share results of its satellite-based Kyoto-supporting services.

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ESA's small Proba satellite celebrates five years in space

24 October 2006

On 22 October 2001, Proba was launched as a technology demonstrator within ESA's General Support Technology Programme. Once in orbit, however, the small satellite's unique capabilities and performance made it evident that it could make big contributions to science and so its nominal lifetime was extended to serve as an Earth Observation mission.

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Dragon training in China focuses on atmosphere

20 October 2006

Over 50 doctoral level Chinese scientists from 30 institutes have gathered at the prestigious Peking University in Beijing in the People's Republic of China to attend a six-day advanced training course devoted to atmosphere monitoring over China using ESA remote sensing instruments.

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Europe's new MetOp weather satellite reaches polar orbit

20 October 2006

For 28 years, Europe has been operating its famous Meteosat weather satellites in geostationary orbit. On 20 October 2006 they were joined by the first of a brand new generation of meteorological satellites. MetOp is designed to provide a closer view of the atmosphere from low earth orbit, delivering data that will improve global weather prediction and enhance our understanding of climate change.

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Satellites help ensure safe sunning

12 October 2006

Excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation is responsible for up to 60 000 deaths a year worldwide, according to a report released this summer by the World Health Organisation. Many of those deaths, however, could be avoided through simple preventive measures such as seeking shade when the UV Index is high, the report says.

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Record ozone loss during 2006 over South Pole

03 October 2006

Ozone measurements made by ESA's Envisat satellite have revealed the ozone loss of 40 million tonnes on 2 October 2006 has exceeded the record ozone loss of about 39 million tonnes for 2000. Ozone loss is derived by measuring the area and the depth of the ozone hole.

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2007 ESA ENVISAT Symposium

20 September 2006

The main objective of the ENVISAT Symposium is to present the results of the ESA EO missions in exploitation. In addition, the Symposium will provide an opportunity to present future ESA and national EO missions.

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