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Satellites guide ship through South Pacific's watery desert

23 December 2004

There is a desert in the heart of the South Pacific. Surrounding Easter Island is the purest and bluest seawater on Earth, almost empty of the microscopic phytoplankton at the base of the marine food web. French vessel L'Atalante recently completed a research cruise through this region, its day-to-day route guided by ocean colour satellites.

Satellites plus software equal best-ever Mediterranean heat map

15 December 2004

This ultra high-resolution sea surface temperature map of the Mediterranean could only have been made with satellites. Any equivalent ground-based map would need almost a million and a half thermometers placed into the water simultaneously, one for every two square kilometres of sea.

Darfur aid workers receiving assistance from orbit

06 December 2004

It is hard to overstate the scale of the humanitarian emergency unfolding in Sudan's strife-torn Darfur region: by current estimates there are 1.45 million people displaced from their homes across an area the size of France. However, images from space are assisting aid workers as they cope with the crisis.

Global air pollution map produced by Envisat's SCIAMACHY

11 October 2004

Based on 18 months of Envisat observations, this high-resolution global atmospheric map of nitrogen dioxide pollution makes clear just how human activities impact air quality.

2004 ENVISAT & ERS Symposium was held in Salzburg - Austria (6 - 10 September 2004)

10 September 2004

The 2004 ENVISAT & ERS Symposium provided a forum for investigators to present results of on-going research project activities and assess the development of applications and services.

Taking apart a hurricane: multi-sensor Envisat sees through Frances

03 September 2004

Hurricanes are one of those forces of nature that can only fully be captured by satellite imagery. For Hurricane Frances, currently thundering towards the United States coast, ESA's Envisat is going one better, peering through the hurricane from top to bottom, even helping to 'see' under the waves to map hidden forces powering the storm.

Envisat witnesses return of the South Polar ozone hole

01 September 2004

This season's Antarctic ozone hole has swollen to an area of ten million square kilometres from mid-August - approximately the same size as Europe and still expanding. It is expected to reach maximum extent during September, and ESA satellites are vital for monitoring its development.

Wide-viewing Envisat tracks 'son of B-15' iceberg's odyssey around Antarctica

31 August 2004

A new Envisat viewing mode means that icebergs can be routinely tracked on their long trek around Antarctica, with regularly updated images of polar regions now available to highlight ice movements.

Widening Envisat's InSAR view

09 August 2004

One of the most remarkable abilities of ESA's ten-instrument Envisat satellite is being able to precisely measure elevation, and potentially detect tiny millimetre-scale movements of our planet's surface, using a technique called radar interferometry, or InSAR for short.

Envisat's rainbow vision detects ground moving at pace fingernails grow

06 August 2004

Originally developed to pinpoint attacking aircraft during World War Two, today's advanced radar technology can detect a very different moving target: shifts of the Earth's crust that occur as slowly as the growth of your fingernails.

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