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Earth from Space: Istanbul

26 June 2005

The city of Istanbul, located astride the eastern edge of Europe and western edge of the Asian continent, shown in an Envisat radar multi-temporal composite image.

B-15A on its way to a new collision

17 May 2005

The mammoth B-15A iceberg appears poised to strike another floating Antarctic ice feature, a month on from a passing blow that broke off the end of the Drygalski ice tongue. As this Envisat image reveals, this time its target is the ice tongue of the Aviator Glacier.

Envisat tracking Africa's rivers and lakes to help manage water resources

10 May 2005

From this week, researchers worldwide can follow the flow of rivers and height of lakes across the African continent from the comfort of their desks. A new web-based demonstration launched to coincide with this week's TIGER Workshop makes Envisat-derived altimetry data for African inland water freely available in near-real time.

Envisat captures phytoplankton bloom in Bay of Biscay

06 May 2005

A break in the clouds in an Envisat observation of the west coast of Europe this week reveals a striking marine phytoplankton bloom currently dominating the Bay of Biscay.

Envisat making sharpest ever global Earth map

05 May 2005

The most detailed portrait ever of the Earth's land surface is being created with ESA's Envisat environmental satellite. The GLOBCOVER project aims at producing a global land cover map to a resolution three times sharper than any previous satellite map.

'Ships of Opportunity' contribute to MERIS validation

03 May 2005

Since the launch of Envisat in 2002, numerous validation activities have been carried out to confirm that the data received from its ten optical and radar instruments are as accurate as possible.

Envisat helps Polar Challenge racers on way to Magnetic North Pole

02 May 2005

The final stretch of the Scott Dunn Polar Challenge is approaching: 44 competitors on 16 teams from all over Britain and Ireland are racing on skis, pulling sledges to the 500-kilometre-distant Magnetic North Pole. In this extreme environment, radar ice images from ESA's Envisat help ensure competitors keep safe.

ERS-2 reaches its 10 years in orbit

21 April 2005

ERS-2 is a notable European engineering achievement, reaching the milestone of 10 years in orbit on 21 April 2005 with all instruments still working and providing excellent data.

GOMOS instrument anomaly

24 March 2005

Despite the efforts deployed to understand the GOMOS instrument anomaly, the investigation team does not yet fully comprehend the problem.

Envisat enables first global check of regional methane emissions

18 March 2005

The SCIAMACHY sensor aboard Envisat has performed the first space-based measurements of the global distribution of near-surface methane, one of the most important greenhouse gases. As reported in Thursday's issue of Science Express, the results show larger than expected emissions across tropical land regions.

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