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Envisat sees smoke from Europe's worst peacetime fire

12 December 2005

London is completely blanketed by the black plume of smoke from Europe's worst peacetime fire in this Envisat image, taken within five hours of the blaze beginning.

Dragon over water: Envisat monitors China's largest lake, rivers flooding

22 November 2005

Envisat ASAR Global Monitoring Mode rapid-revisit images employed as part of ESA's Dragon Programme have charted the hydrological cycle of China's largest freshwater body, Poyang Lake, whose area fluctuates more than threefold annually.

Envisat radar surveillance protects endangered prehistoric fish

17 November 2005

A satellite surveillance zone within the southern Indian Ocean is helping protect the endangered Patagonian toothfish from pirate fishing vessels.

New Envisat MOE and POE orbit data

24 October 2005

Improved Envisat Preliminary (MOE) and Precise (POE) Orbit Data Products.

Envisat and ERS-2 reveal hidden side of Hurricane Rita

23 September 2005

As Hurricane Rita entered the Gulf of Mexico, ESA's Envisat satellite's radar was able to pierce through swirling clouds to directly show how the storm churns the sea surface. This image has then been used to derive Rita's wind field speeds

MERIS monitoring tracks planetary photosynthesis levels

23 September 2005

Daily multispectral observations from Envisat's MERIS sensor are being combined with a sophisticated processing algorithm and powerful Grid computing to reveal global photosynthesis activity on land. This permits researchers to trace the state of health of terrestrial plant cover, identifying areas under stress and assessing damage from drought or fires.

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South Polar ozone hole makes big comeback

30 August 2005

This season's Antarctic ozone hole has swollen to an area of ten million square kilometres from mid-August - approximately the same size as Europe and still expanding. It is expected to reach maximum extent during September, and ESA satellites are vital for monitoring its development.

Change detection dataset of ENVISAT ASAR & MERIS, ERS 1&2 SAR, CHRIS/PROBA acquisitions

30 August 2005

Change detection dataset of ENVISAT ASAR & MERIS, ERS 1&2 SAR, CHRIS/PROBA acquisitions. Region of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands and Northern Sumatra

New ENVISAT ASAR Wide Swath Mode Single Look Complex Products

30 August 2005

In order to support the development of new applications with the ASAR ScanSAR data, a new WSM product providing phase information has been developed and implemented in the ESA ASAR processor, the Wide-Swath Single-Look complex product (ASA_WSS_1P).

Envisat sees whirling Hurricane Katrina from ocean waves to cloud tops

29 August 2005

ESA's multi-sensor Envisat satellite has gathered a unique view of Hurricane Katrina in the Gulf of Mexico. While an optical image shows characteristic spiralling cloud patterns, a simultaneous radar observation pierces through the clouds to show how Katrina's 250-kilometre-an-hour winds scour the sea surface.

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