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Members of the new ACEO

Title: Members of the new ACEO


The new Advisory Committee for Earth Observation (ACEO) gathered outside ESA's phi-lab, at the home of Earth observation, in Frascati, Italy.

Front row from left: Christine Gommenginger, Daniel Selva, Monique Bernier, Martin Visbeck (New Chair of ACEO) and Drusilla Wishart.
Middle row from left: Andrew Watson, Maria Kanakidou, Fabio Rocca, Maria Brovelli and Athena Coustenis.
Back row from left: Antonio Ciccolella, Gordon Campbell, Josef Aschbacher (ESA Director of Earth Observation Programmes), Thomas Blaschke, Jörg Ebbing, Mark Drinkwater, Piet Stammes, Maurice Borgeaud, Michael Kern, Pierluigi Silvestrin, Philippe Martimort and Espen Volden.

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