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ESA Atmospheric Chemistry data set accessible from one single ftp server at D-PAC

17 October 2012

ESA's Atmospheric Chemistry datasets (ERS-2: GOME, ENVISAT: GOMOS, MIPAS and SCIAMACHY) hosted at the D-PAC, have been migrated to the on-line data repository. The migration at the D-PAC from the old server to is being completed within this week. All data sets are now accessible at one single ftp server:


The reconfiguration of the MIPAS and SCIAMACHY data sets have already been reported in previous EOHelp user messages.

No further changes to the data access are applied.

The remaining data sets for ERS-2/GOME and ENVISAT/GOMOS have now been copied from to the on-line data repository

ENVISAT: GOMOS data sets

The GOMOS Level 2 data set, corresponding to the Instrument Processing Facility (IPF) version 5 is still accessible, but at the new ftp address The user id and password remain unchanged. The following directory structure is maintained:

Level 2 GOMOS IPF version 5.0 Product Format
old/GOM_NL__2P/YYYY/MM/ *.tar.gz or
old/GOM_NL__2P/YYYY/MM/ *.tgz
IPF version 5 in ENVISAT format

Key: (where YYYY = Year, MM = Month)

Note, that the GOMOS full mission reprocessing with the higher IPF version 6.01 for Level 1b and Level 2 and the preliminary data quality control activities are close to its completion. The data release to all users will be announced in a separate user message during the coming weeks.

ERS-2: GOME data sets

The full mission reprocessed data set of ERS-2 GOME Level 2 GDP version 5 and the existing Level 1b data sets GDP version 4 are provided at using the same structure as the previous ftp server. User id and password for both data sets remain unchanged:

Level 1 GDP4 product set directories Product Format

GDP4 products in binary format

Level 2 GDP5 product set directories Product Format
products/level_2_HDF5_GDP5/YYYY/MM/DD GDP5 in HDF5 format

Key: (where YYYY = Year, MM = Month, DD = Day)

Level 2 data of the previous version GDP4 are not distributed any longer via the D-PAC, instead users are recommended to use the GDP5 of improved quality.

The old server will remain active until 24 October 2012, after which it will be dismissed.

Please contact the ESA EO Helpdesk for any further information.