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Upcoming Swarm data release

15 January 2015

As a key priority of the Swarm mission, the last few months have seen many cal/val teams involved in the validation of the products and the assessment of the observed data quality issues as reported here.

Following these activities, an updated version of core data products will soon be provided to the user community.

This will also facilitate new scientific results to be presented at upcoming conferences such as the IUGG General Assembly (22 June to 2 July 2015 - Additionally please note the abstract submission deadline for this event: 31 January 2015).

Specifically, the following Swarm products will be released:

  • L1B PLASMA data (electron density and temperature, ion velocity and temperature, and ionospheric electric field) by end of January 2015
  • L1B vector magnetic data in both VFM and NEC reference frames, corrected for external disturbance effects, predominantly Sun-driven and manifested as scalar residuals between the ASM and VFM data, no later than two months before IUGG (i.e. 20 April 2015)