Minimize Definition of Dataset and Product Baseline

The term Dataset is the generic term to identify a group of products presenting similar characteristics from a user point of view i.e. a series of products presenting physical consistency and interoperability.

Product Baseline: is the baseline associated to a specific product file and satellite.

In Swarm the Product Baseline depends on its level, processors version, satellite source, and relative Calibration and Charactisation Data Base. The Product Baseline is identified by the first two of the four digits placed at the end of the file name, i.e. the first two digits of the File_Version field represent the Product Baseline, while the last two represent an incremental counter.

CDF format filename example:

In this example, the Product Baseline is 03 and the file counter is 01.

A Dataset may contain products with different Product Baselines, as shown in the examples below:

The user will find all the latest and interoperable products that together create a Dataset in the 'Current' folder on the FTP server. A Product Baseline will be updated when changes in one or several processors, or in the calibrations files deployed in the operational processing chain, result in a significant difference in the data quality of the products. This could subsequently also lead to a reprocessing campaign regenerating past products, and products with older Product Baselines will be moved to the 'Previous' folder. Please notice that only products with older Product Baselines will be moved to the 'Previous' folder. Products with an older filecounter but same baseline are erased.

Please refer to the Swarm Data Access to see the Product Baselines details of the 'Current' Level 1b and Level 2 Datasets.