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SMOS Validation and Retrieval Team Workshop

28 June 2010

The European Space Agency announces the next SMOS Validation and Retrieval Team workshop on 29-30 November 2010 in ESRIN, Frascati, Italy. For further information please see the link on the right column, which we will update with the agenda and programme of the meeting in September.

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ESA's SMOS water mission goes live

21 May 2010

ESA's SMOS satellite completed its six-month commissioning this week and formally began operational life. This milestone means the mission is now set to provide much-needed global images of soil moisture and ocean salinity to improve our understanding of the water cycle.

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New global network validates SMOS soil moisture data

20 May 2010

As ESA's SMOS mission nears the end of its commissioning, a new network will provide harmonised global datasets of soil moisture measurements collected from the ground, ensuring the data received from space are as accurate as possible.

Australian field campaign validates SMOS data

09 March 2010

To ensure the integrity of an Earth observation mission, it is often essential to compare the data being delivered from space with measurements taken on the ground. Accordingly, the first field campaign to validate soil moisture data from ESA's SMOS mission has just been carried out 'down under'.

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First images from ESA’s water mission

23 February 2010

In less than four months since launch, the first calibrated images are being delivered by ESA's SMOS mission. These images of 'brightness temperature' translate into clear information on global variations of soil moisture and ocean salinity to advance our understanding of the water cycle.

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Sailors braving treacherous waters for science

04 December 2009

Scientists working to validate data from ESA's water mission SMOS, launched in November, will get help from skippers competing in the SolOceans around-the-world single-handed race.
The SolOceans race marks the first time in oceanic racing that a fleet of identical high-tech yachts has had a scientific vocation.

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First SMOS data received

20 November 2009

This image is the first data sent to Earth by the MIRAS instrument on ESA's SMOS satellite, launched on 2 November. It was acquired as part of the initial functional verification test since the instrument was switched on on Tuesday.

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SMOS satellite instrument comes alive

19 November 2009

The MIRAS instrument on ESA's SMOS satellite, launched earlier this month, has been switched on and is operating normally. MIRAS will map soil moisture and ocean salinity to improve our understanding of the role these two key variables play in regulating Earths water cycle.

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SMOS forms three-pointed star in the sky

04 November 2009

Following the launch of ESA's SMOS satellite on 2 November, the French space agency CNES, which is responsible for operating the satellite, has confirmed that the instruments three antenna arms have deployed as planned, and that the instrument is in good health.

SMOS and Proba-2 satellites launched on 2 November

02 November 2009

SMOS and Proba-2 were launched atop a Rockot launch vehicle provided by Eurockot GmbH. Liftoff from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome in northern Russia took place at 01:50 UTC (02:50 CET) on Monday 2 November.

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