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Improved SMOS level 2 soil moisture products released to users

20 November 2017

ESA has just released new improved SMOS level 2 soil moisture products to users.

Operational and reprocessed soil moisture products (processor version v650) starting from 1 June 2010 are now available from the ESA SMOS Online Dissemination service in both ESA Earth Explorer (EEF) format and NetCDF format.

The main improvements of the new data set are:

  • better characterization of the retrieval uncertainties by introducing a rescaling of the Chi2 parameter
  • usage of land cover map based on the International Global Biosphere Programme (IGBP) dataset. Note: ECOCLIMAP was used in the previous version v620.
  • usage of a rescaled ECMWF forecast soil moisture. Note: no rescaling was used in previous version v620.

Further information about improvements in the soil moisture v650 product is provided in the read-me-first note and in the Algorithm Theoretical Baseline Document (ATBD).

A full assessment of the reprocessed data set can be found in the data quality control report.

SMOS level 2 soil moisture data users should carefully consult these documents to ensure optimum exploitation of the v650 dataset.

Users are invited to use this new operational and reprocessed dataset for their long-term research and applications.