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Full reprocessed SMOS Level 2 sea surface salinity dataset now available

20 July 2017

ESA would like to inform the SMOS data users that the full reprocessed SMOS level 2 sea surface salinity dataset is now available on the SMOS data dissemination service. Following the reprocessing that finished in May 2017 a "gap-filling" reprocessing was performed to align to the operational product start.

The sensing time covered by the "gap-filling" reprocessing is from 1 February 2017 to 9 May 2017.

For further information on level 2 surface salinity v662 products see the read-me-first note.

For product performance see the reprocessing quality control report and the reprocessing data verification report.

The SMOS level 2 sea surface salinity data users should carefully consult those documents to ensure optimum exploitation of the v662 dataset.