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DOMEX-3 2016 campaign data now available for Cal/Val users

25 July 2017

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In-situ DOMEX-3 measurements for 2016 are now available for Cal/Val users along with the yearly campaign report. The measurements were acquired over the Antarctic plateau close to the Concordia base by tower based L-Band radiometer and by on-ground sensors for snow properties.

This activity is performed by the Italian institute IFAC-CNR (Istituto di Fisica Applicata, Nello Carrara - Consiglio Nazionale di Ricerca) with the support of PNRA (Programma Nazionale Ricerche in Antartide) and in cooperation with ESA.


A preliminary calibration has been applied to the dataset from the L-Band radiometer to allow initial comparison with measurements from L-Band radiometer satellite missions such as SMOS and SMAP. Refined calibration of the DOMEX-3 radiometer dataset is under preparation and absolute brightness temperature measurements from the DOMEX-3 campaign will be available by the end of the year.

Interested Cal/Val users can access the dataset and report from the ESA Campaigns web-page.