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Copernicus improving daily lives in 99 stories

26 November 2018

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With seven Copernicus Sentinel missions in orbit delivering an almost unimaginable amount of freely-available data about our planet, the potential of tapping into this incredible resource to better the lives of citizens is almost limitless. A new publication that collects 99 stories from European public authorities highlights how we are all benefiting from Copernicus.

Launched yesterday at the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium, The Ever Growing Use of Copernicus across Europe's Regions offers a glimpse into how Copernicus supports a broad range of public policies.

Twenty years since its conception, Copernicus is the largest provider of Earth observation data in the world. The various services offered through Copernicus help address some of today's toughest environmental challenges such as food security, rising sea levels, natural disasters, urbanisation, diminishing polar ice, and the overarching issue of climate change.

While the European Union is at the helm of Copernicus, ESA develops, builds and launches the dedicated Sentinel satellites. ESA also operates some the missions and ensures the availability of data from third party missions.

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