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Shadows on ice: Proba-1 images Concordia south polar base

12 December 2012

ESA's Earth-observing microsatellite Proba-1 has glimpsed one of the loneliest places on Earth - Concordia research base in the heart of Antarctica.

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PROBA-1 microsat snaps Olympic neighbourhood

13 August 2012

This Olympics has been watched from all over the world - and beyond. Benefiting from a cloudless sky, this view of London's Olympic Park was captured by the smallest imager aboard ESA's smallest mission: the High Resolution Camera on the Proba-1 microsatellite.

Proba-1 - Delay in update on the ESA Online repository

10 August 2012

Technical problems have been causing a delay in the processing and delivery of PROBA data for upload on the ESA Online repository and in the EOLI-SA catalogue.  

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'Eye operation' puts Proba-1 back in business

14 May 2012

After more than a decade in orbit, ESA's Proba-1 was showing its age - even hibernating last winter. But a software fix to its startracker, radiation-impaired after surpassing its design lifetime five-fold, has returned the veteran Earth-observing microsatellite to full operation.

PROBA satellite - Operations resumed

19 April 2012

Since the beginning of April 2012, the PROBA-1 acquisitions have resumed nominally.

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PROBA satellite inactive

10 February 2012

Due to thermal issues affecting the spacecraft attitude and pointing control systems, the PROBA satellite is currently inactive and no CHRIS or HRC acquisitions are currently performed.