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HRC   HRC is a miniaturised black and white imager with 5 m ground resolution. The telescope is of the Cassegrain type with an aperture size of 115 mm and a focal length of 2296 mm.

The detector is based on a CCD and uses 3D packaging technology.

It contains 1024 x 1024 pixels of 14 mm size. The field of view (along the diagonal of the detector) is 0.504°. Images are digitised to 10 bits before transmission to the spacecraft.

The HRC requires a highly stable and accurate pointing of its two-dimensional CCD to an Earth-fixed target using the “point and stare” feature of the spacecraft.

The Proba-1 HRC (High Resolution Camera) provides grey scale images, approximately 25-km square with a pixel resolution of 5m. The HRC was launched aboard ESA's Proba-1 satellite on 22 October 2001, and is primarily intended for technology, educational and general public information purposes.

HRC was built by the Belgium company OIP Sensor Systems.