Minimize Ground Segment

The main elements of the ground segment are a fully steerable S-band antenna of 2.4 m., a baseband equipment, a control system based on the ESA SCOS II system used also during the ground test and integration phase, a planning system and a data server. A unique script language allows to interface with the telemetry and the telecommand server of the control system and to control all the pass activities from the preparation to the post-processing phase and most of the ground segment units.

It is the key element of the automation of the ground segment tasks progressively put in place along the mission. It allows also the automatic email generation in case of any warning message. It is completed by the automated pass template tool which schedules the pass activities and provides a graphical interface of the activities statuses.

The NORAD Two Lines Elements automatically retrieved from the Web, are used to predict with a COTS software the ground station visibilities. The antenna pointing angles are also derived from the TLEs.

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