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Southern Oromia, Ethiopia

16 October 2019

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UN-FAO World Food Day

On 16 October, The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (UN-FAO) calls the world to action to tackle global hunger on World Food Day.

To commemorate this event, the animation below shows 10-daily Net Primary Productivity (NPP, crop productivity) in the 2019 growing season of the pastoral areas of southern Oromia, Ethiopia.

The imagery shows the greening of cropland along the banks of the Genale and Gestro rivers, and surrounding pasture, following the rains between February and May (the shorter Belg season).

The NPP images are based on Proba-V observations and produced by VITO in the context of the FAO-funded project 'Remote sensing-based database for the monitoring of agricultural water and land productivity in Africa and the Middle East (WaPOR)', coordinated by eLeaf (NL).


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