Minimize Severe bushfires in South Australia

Proba-V observes global vegetation and the accompanying changes. Due to its daily revisit, the data is also well-suited to monitor the result of sudden events, such as bushfires.

Recently, extreme heat started a series of bushfires around Adelaide that became the region's most severe since 1983. The fires lasted from 02 through to 08 January 2015; it incinerated more than 125 km2 of land and destroyed more than 30 houses in the Adelaide suburbs.

These Proba-V 300 m images clearly show the impact of the fires. The first image shows the area's conditions before the fires began. In the image acquired on 2 January 2015, extensive smoke plumes can be seen, whereas on the image from 4 January 2015 a dark-green patch is visible in the central part of the image, which indicates the area that was burnt by the fires.

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Fires in Australia

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