Minimize Sand Dunes of Niger

This week, Proba-V shows the Ténéré region of north-eastern Niger - one of the hottest, driest regions in the Sahara desert.

The average maximum temperatures are above 40°C between May and September and average annual precipitation is 20 – 25 mm. Due to the persistent high-pressure area causing descending and drying air, the region is one of the sunniest on Earth, with annual sunshine duration of around 4,000 hours.

The region's geography largely consists of planes with sand dunes (ergs) oriented perpendicular to the persistent north-easterly wind (Harmattan). The area also contains some oasis settlements, such as the city of Bilma. The 100m image of 6 March 2016 shows the extensive sand dunes as yellow areas in the upper image, with sand and dust being transported towards the southwest, visible as faint feather-like structures.

Niger dunes

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