Minimize Europe, from winter to fall

Proba-V celebrates one year of operations

Exactly one year ago, on 16 December 2013, Proba-V was put into operational mode. In this first year of operation, the satellite has continuously observed the Earth and provided us with measurement data to monitor, among others; vegetation dynamics, biomass production and agricultural yield in a changing climate.

To celebrate the completion of the first operational year, we present you with a video showing a 12 image synthesis of Europe, one for each month. The images show the seasonal cycle from a partly snow-covered continent in December 2013, to a snow-free and fully vegetated continent during the summer months and finally the first autumn snow in October 2014.

We are pleased to continue providing you with our high-quality 1 km and 300 m products in the new year and will extend our product suite with 100 m data during the first quarter of 2015.

For additional mission information visit VITO's Proba-V website.

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