Minimize Lake Afrera, Ethiopia

A hypersaline lake in the Danakil Depression

Lake Afrera is a hypersaline lake located in the Danakil Depression in Northern Ethiopia, an area where three tectonic plates slide away from each other at a rate of a few centimeters per year.
The lake's salt amount is estimated at about 290 million tons per year and has been mined until 2011, after when it became inedible due to contamination with sulfuric acid resulting from the Nabro volcano eruption.

This 100 m image of 11 February 2018 shows the lake in blue in the lower image part, surrounded by lava fields from the Erte Ale, Borawli, and Alayta volcanoes, which can be recognised by the dark-brown colours. The Nabro volcano crater is visible in the lower right part of the image.

Lake Afera, Ethiopia

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