Minimize Hurricane Florence, North Carolina

The 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season has been relatively quiet so far compared to last year.

However, in the last few weeks we saw the development of the season's first major hurricane, Florence.

As with most Atlantic hurricanes, it originated from a tropical wave off the West-African coast and during its path along the Atlantic basin it went through several stages of strengthening and weakening due to fluctuating sea surface temperatures and vertical wind profiles.

This 1 km Proba-V image was acquired on 15 September 2018, one day after Florence made landfall as a Category 1 hurricane over Wrightsville, North Carolina. In the image we can see the entirety of the storm.

Its high outflow clouds extend mainly into its upper quadrants over several thousand kilometres. The bands with the highest wind speeds and most intense rainfall occur within a few hundred kilometres from Florence's eye.


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