Minimize Hotan, China - An oasis in the desert

Proba-V captured this remarkable view of Hotan on 20 August 2014, a Chinese oasis town bordered by the vast desert and the Kunlun mountains.

This 100 m image (false colour) shows the agricultural areas and two crossing streams that are situated around Hotan; the Black (Karakash) and White (Yurungkash) Jade rivers.

Proba-V's 100 m images offer a powerful combination of a wide swath (520 km) and high spatial resolution. Because of this wide swath, this image also gives us a clear view of the sand dunes of the Taklamakan desert.

To show the great potential of combining Proba-V 100 m imagery with higher resolution missions, a comparison with Landsat-8 (U.S.) and Gaofen-1 (China) has been made. Check out this beautiful comparison.

For additional mission information visit VITO's Proba-V website.

Hotan, China

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