Minimize Dead Sea

In this last image for 2018, Proba-V takes a peak at the Dead Sea, on the border of Israel, Jordan and the West Bank, with the cities of Jerusalem and Bethlehem (grey) to the west.

The Sea's high salt levels make for a harsh environment for fish and large plants to live in and makes swimming more like floating. The many health resorts and mineral extraction, as shown by the ponds in the south, demonstrate its economic value.

However, images from space show an environmental concern: the Dead Sea's declining water level. To curb this, 2018 marked the start of the first phase in the construction of the Red Sea – Dead Sea Water Conveyance (conduit).

A clear example of international cooperation to improve the supply of drinking water to the people in these dry areas of Jordan, Israel and the nearby Palestinian territories in coming years. And, since its early days, known as a symbol for peace in the Middle East.

Dead Sea

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