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Cape Town faces Day Zero

The beautiful Western Cape region in South Africa is naturally water-scarce. The historic dry spell, that started back in 2014, is now leaving water levels dangerously low.

The city of Cape Town, that is fed by water from six dams in and around the city, is imposing water restrictions to its citizens and visiting tourists. And measures are likely to become harder as Day Zero (currently expected in April) draws nearer.

Day Zero marks the day when dams fall below 13.5% capacity, so low that water taps to residential areas will be turned off and replaced by controlled water distribution at checkpoints.

These 100 m Proba-V images, comparing November 2014 with March 2017, clearly highlight the dramatic fall in water levels at three of the Big Six dams: Theewaterskloofdam (southern part of circle) and Brandvleidam & Kwaggaskloofdam that formed one impoundment in 2014, as the dividing ‘wall' between them was submerged. sports.

Cape Town

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