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Brazil's Overshoot Day

29 July 2019

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Exceeding Earth's Resources

Earth Overshoot Day is the day at which the world's population's resource consumption exceeds the natural Earth's resources for a given year. The resource over-consumption was recorded first in the early 1970s. During the following decades, Overshoot Days gradually occurred earlier, from late December in the 1970s to 29 July this year.
Additional to Earth Overshoot Day, a country's Overshoot Day is the fictive Earth Overshoot Day if the entire world population would consume similar to a country's population. These span a range from 11 February (Qatar) to 18 December (Indonesia).
The image below shows a 10-day 300 m composite (11 – 20 August 2017) of Brazil, which has its Country Overshoot Day closest (31 July) to Earth Overshoot Day.
The image below shows the Amazon river basin and its vast tropical rain forest in dark green, with intermittent light brown patches indicating deforested areas. The extensive brown/reddish area in central and eastern Brazil indicates the Cerrado (tropical savanna) plateaus.

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