Minimize Betsiboka River, Madagascar

From global vegetation to coastal applications

Although Proba-V was designed as a land surface research mission, several studies have indicated that its high-quality 100m observations are beneficial for coastal turbidity monitoring.

Within the framework of the Advanced Land, Aerosol, and Coastal Products for Proba-V (PV-LAC) and PROBA4COAST projects, a new version of iCOR was developed to aid Proba-V observations and to generate coastal turbidity maps. These maps reveal detailed spatial patterns of turbid waters at the coasts and river estuaries, as compared to the existing turbidity maps from the typical Ocean Colour satellites.

Els Knaeps, the R&D, Water & Coast professional, explains more on the coastal turbidity monitoring and the availability of Proba-V coastal products in her latest blog: 'A vegetation satellite for coastal turbidity monitoring'.

The turbid coastal water is visible in this 100 m image of 13 May 2017, where Betsiboka Delta is flowing in northwestern Madagascar. The river is about 525 km long and surrounded by mangroves. Green tints clearly show the turbid water from the Betsiboka River flowing northwards into the Mozambique Channel.

Betsiboka River, Madagascar

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