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Dead Sea

18 December 2018

In this last image for 2018, Proba-V takes a peak at the Dead Sea, on the border of Israel, Jordan and the West Bank, with the cities of Jerusalem and Bethlehem (grey) to the west.

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Southern Alps, New Zealand

11 December 2018

In this May 2018 image, Proba-V glanced at the snow-capped mountains of the Southern Alps, stretching over 500 km along New-Zealand's South Island.

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Katowice, Poland

04 December 2018

This week's Proba-V 100m image shows the city of Katowice, southern Poland, host of the United Nations Climate Change Conference COP24.

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Yellowstone National Park, USA

27 November 2018

These Proba-V images show Yellowstone National Park in the United States during the four seasons, from autumn through to summer.

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California, United States

20 November 2018

This week's Proba-V image shows the Woolsey Fire near Los Angeles, and the Camp Fire to the north of Sacramento, between 7 and 17 November 2018.

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Stockholm, Sweden

30 October 2018

To mark the UN's World Cities Day on 31 October, Proba-V takes us to the city of Stockholm in Sweden. World Cities Day is a day for raising global awareness and calling to action on the sustainable development of cities worldwide.

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Kyoto, Japan

23 October 2018

This week's Proba-V image, acquired on 15 May 2018, promotes GEO Week 2018 and shows Kyoto and Osaka, Japan.

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Nicaragua, Central America

16 October 2018

This week's 100m Proba-V image, aims to raise awareness for World Food Day 2018, and shows the pacific coastline of Nicaragua and Lake Managua.

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Desert locust monitoring

02 October 2018

This week's 100m Proba-V image shows how satellite data can help monitor desert locust, by creating dynamic greenness maps to highlight areas in need of locust surveying.

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Sydney, Australia

25 September 2018

This week's 100m Proba-V image shows the Australian city of Sydney in false-colour.

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Hurricane Florence, North Carolina

18 September 2018

This 1 km Proba-V image captures Hurricane Florence over North Carolina on 15 September 2018, a day after the category one storm made landfall in the United States.

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Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico

10 September 2018

In this week's Proba-V 100m image, acquired in late July, we see the beautiful Yucatán peninsula that separates the Caribbean Sea from the Gulf of Mexico and the centre of Mayan civilization.

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Shishr, Oman

03 September 2018

In March 2018, Proba-V captured this beautiful 100m image of the confluence of wadis, or valleys, in the Dhofar region of Oman.

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Gansu-Zhangye-Gaotai, China

28 August 2018

This 100 m Proba-V image from 4 June 2018 shows the city of Zhangye on the Heihe River in China. This area, part of China's second-largest river basin, greatly aids agriculture.

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Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

20 August 2018

This week's Proba-V false-colour image shows us the island of Hispaniola and the Southern part of the Dominican Replublic in the Caribbean.

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Europe's heat wave from space

14 August 2018

These Proba-V 100 m images of 7 August 2017 and 6 August 2018 show there is a clear difference in vegetation color after the heatwave over Europe.

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Lake Afrera, Ethiopia

07 August 2018

This Proba-V 100 m image of 11 February 2018, shows Lake Afrera, a hypersaline lake located in the Danakil Depression in Northern Ethiopia.

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30 July 2018

This week's Proba-V 100m resolution image shows Australia, a country with a large ecological footprint and home to a diverse range of habitats and unique biota.

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Valencia, Spain

24 July 2018

This week's Proba-V image from 27 June 2018, shows the city of Valencia, which is currently hosting the IGARSS Remote Sensing Symposium.

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France, Croatia and Belgium

17 July 2018

This week's Proba-V image shows cloud free images of the World cup winning country of France, runners up Croatia and third placed Belgium.

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