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Europe's heat wave from space

14 August 2018

These Proba-V 100 m images of 7 August 2017 and 6 August 2018 show there is a clear difference in vegetation color after the heatwave over Europe.

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Lake Afrera, Ethiopia

07 August 2018

This Proba-V 100 m image of 11 February 2018, shows Lake Afrera, a hypersaline lake located in the Danakil Depression in Northern Ethiopia.

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30 July 2018

This week's Proba-V 100m resolution image shows Australia, a country with a large ecological footprint and home to a diverse range of habitats and unique biota.

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Valencia, Spain

24 July 2018

This week's Proba-V image from 27 June 2018, shows the city of Valencia, which is currently hosting the IGARSS Remote Sensing Symposium.

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France, Croatia and Belgium

17 July 2018

This week's Proba-V image shows cloud free images of the World cup winning country of France, runners up Croatia and third placed Belgium.

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Cairo, Egypt

10 July 2018

This week Proba-V takes us over Cairo, the capital of Egypt and one of the most populated areas in the world, in this 100m image of 19 May 2018.

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Aral Sea, Kazakhstan - Recovery of the Island Sea

03 July 2018

This week's Proba-V image comparison shows the gradual Southern Aral Sea increase from being nearly dry to having a substantial size again.

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Amur and Ussuri Rivers

26 June 2018

This week's Proba-V 100m image shows both the Ussuri River and Amur River, the tenth longest in the world, which forms part of the border between the Russian Far East and northeastern China.

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Tropical cyclone Mekunu

19 June 2018

In this image from 23 May 2018, Proba-V spotted tropical Cyclone Mekunu as it hit and flooded Socotra Island, before making landfall on the Arabian peninsula, near Salalah, Oman on 25 May.

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Moscow, Russia

12 June 2018

The city of Moscow, capital of the Russian Federation, is highlighted in cyan in this false-colour 100 m Proba-V image from 16 August 2017.

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The Bahamas

06 June 2018

The false-colour 100 m image of 20 March 2018 shows part of the Bahamas archipelago, which has the third most extensive coral reef system in the world.

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Rhine and Scheldt delta, Belgium

29 May 2018

To highlight the updcoming Proba-V symposium on 29-31 May in Ostend, this weeks 100m image covers Belgium and its neighbouring countries.

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Mission Exploitation Platform (MEP), France

22 May 2018

This image illustrates a snapshot of the NDVI statistics, acquired by Proba-V MEP for the specific regions of France on 11 Oct 2017.

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Betsiboka River, Madagascar

15 May 2018

Proba-V takes us over the Betsiboka Delta in northwestern Madagascar in this 100m image of 13 May 2017.

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Forestry in Oregon, USA

08 May 2018

This week's Proba-V 100 m image of 24 September 2017, illustrates forestry activities in Oregon, USA.

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Proba-V five years in space

02 May 2018

This week's image and video show the launch of Proba-V in May 2013 to celebrate the completion of a fifth year in orbit.

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Lower Sesan II Dam, Cambodia

24 April 2018

This week's Proba-V image comparison shows the Sesan and Srepok Rivers of Cambodia, before and after completion of the Lower Sesan II Dam.

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Orinoco River, Colombia

17 April 2018

This weeks Proba-V 100 m image of 19 February 2018 shows Colombia's Orinoco River and El Tuparro National Natural Park.

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Sahara dust storm, Egypt

10 April 2018

Proba-V caught a glimpse of the dust when it crossed the Mediterranean, north of the Nile delta (red colour) in Egypt, as illustrated by this 333m false-colour image of 25 March 2018.

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Vienna, Austria

03 April 2018

This week's Proba-V image, acquired in August 2017, depicts the city of Vienna, Austria, which is split in two by the mighty and meandering Danube River.

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