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Bombetoka Bay / Betsiboka River Delta, Madagascar

23 May 2017

In May 2017, Proba-V captured this false-colour image of the Betsiboka River Delta in Madagascar.

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Ethiopia: A hotspot where biodiversity matters

16 May 2017

22 May 2017 marks the International Day for Biological Diversity. In celebration thereof, Proba-V brings you this 100m false-colour image of Ethiopia, captured in April 2017.

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Happy Birthday Proba-V!

03 May 2017

On 07 May, Proba-V celebrates its fourth year in orbit. We are proud to announce that our Proba-V adventure continues, as the mission has been extended at least until the end of October 2019!


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Eye of the Sahara

24 April 2017

Last year, on 07 April, Proba-V captured this beautiful 100m false-colour image of the Richat Structure in Mauritania.

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Ganges-Brahmaputra Delta

18 April 2017

To mark International Mother Earth Day on 22 April, this Proba-V 100m image - acquired on 27 February 2017 - shows the Ganges-Brahamputra Delta. The colouring in the image indicates land erosion that has occurred at the delta since 2014.

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Vienna, Austria - European Geoscience Union 2017

11 April 2017

This Proba-V 100m image shows the beautiful city of Vienna, the capital of Austria, which is visible in the northwestern part of the image.

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Kuril Islands, Russia

04 April 2017

This Proba-V 100m image of mid June 2016 shows the northernmost Kuril Islands, part of a volcanic archipelago that stretches between Japan and the Kamchatka Peninsula.

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Norwegian Fjords

28 March 2017

This Proba-V 100m image of 14 February 2017 shows large fjords and their sharp contrast with the surrounding snow-covered land area in southern Norway. From South to North one can see the Bokna, Hardanger, and Sogne fjords.

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Mokpo, South Korea

21 March 2017

This Proba-V image of 06 October 2016 shows Mokpo, a city in the southwest of South Korea. It is located on the Yeonsang River estuary and is surrounded by more than 1400 islands on the coast.

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Transition Dry to Rainy Season, Sahel region

14 March 2017

Proba-V captured this set of 300 m images of the Sahel region in Africa between February and September 2016.

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Rhine and Scheldt Delta

07 March 2017

On 04 December 2016, Proba-V captured this beautiful 100 m false-colour image of the estuaries of the Scheldt and Rhine rivers along the coast of Belgium and the Netherlands.

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Jorge Montt Glacier, Chile

28 February 2017

The retreat of Chile's Jorge Montt Glacier is captured in this series of images from the Proba-V satellite ranging from March 2014 to January 2016.

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Flinders Ranges, Australia

21 February 2017

This week's Proba-V 100 m false-colour image, shows us the northern part of the rugged, weathered peaks and rocky gorges of the Flinders Ranges, the largest mountain range in the South Australian Outback.

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Yukon Delta, Alaska

14 February 2017

Along the west coast of the US state of Alaska, in a tundra landscape that can be navigated by bush planes or boats in Summer and snow mobiles or sleds in Winter, Proba-V spots the end of the 3,190 km long Yukon River, emptying out into the Bering Sea.

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Devastating fires in Chile

07 February 2017

In this false-colour image, captured by Proba-V on 27 January, the massive plumes of smoke from devastating fires in Chile are clearly visible in an area to the south of Pichilemu.

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Wildfires across the Pampas, Argentina

31 January 2017

This pair of Proba-V images covering the areas of Pampas, grasslands located in northern Argentina, Uruguay and southern Brazil show the vast extent of fires which struck Argentina in late 2016.

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Sahara Desert near Tichit, Mauritania

24 January 2017

In the sands of the Sahara Desert, in central southern Mauritania, a long sandstone cliff formation marks the edge between the depression that remains from the ancient Aoukar lake (to the south) and the Tagant Plateau. This Proba-V image, acquired on 10 June 2016, highlights the contrast between the sand dunes of the depression, the dark-coloured slopes and the stony plateau.

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Craters of the Moon, Idaho (USA)

17 January 2017

In southern Idaho and to the southwest of Yellowstone National Park, Proba-V spotted the Craters of the Moon, a United States monument and nature preserve.

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Mississippi River Delta

10 January 2017

This week's Proba-V image shows the Mississippi Delta along the south coast of Louisiana, USA with its characteristic bird foot pattern.

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Great Slave Lake, Canada

03 January 2017

Proba-V's eye caught the 10th largest lake in the world on 15 May 2016, and with a depth of 614 m, the deepest lake of North America. This is the Great Slave Lake, located in the Northwest Territories of Canada.