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Ideas wanted in science for society

04 October 2017

ESA is offering over 100 opportunities for industry, start-ups and scientific institutions to develop innovative ideas that bring Earth observation science closer to society.

Release 5 of GOCE gridded gravity gradients and anomalies available

04 May 2017

The release 5 of the GOCE space wise grids at ground level and at satellite height have been made available on the GOCE Virtual Online Archive. The updated grids can be accessed via the archive under 'GOCE Gravity Models'.

Swarm Science Meeting and Geodetic Missions Workshop

24 November 2016

The Fourth Swarm Science Meeting and the accompanying Geodetic Missions Workshop are organised at the Park Lodge Hotel in Banff, Alberta, Canada from 20 to 24 March 2017. This is a reminder for all users interested in participating to the event that the deadline for abstract submission - 04 December 2016 - is approaching fast.

Fourth Swarm science meeting & geodetic missions workshop

26 August 2016

Jointly with partners in Canada, the European Space Agency is organizing a cornerstone event in the area of exploitation of data from Swarm and geodetic satellite missions, including GOCE, GRACE and future missions.

The Fourth Swarm Science Meeting and the accompanying Geodetic Missions Workshop will be held at the Park Lodge Hotel in Banff, Alberta, Canada from 20 to 24 March 2017 alongside the CryoSat North-American Science Meeting.

Living Planet Symposium Questionnaire

13 May 2016

ESA has created a User Satisfaction Survey which aims to help us to improve the services to all users of ESA Earth Observation, Copernicus Sentinel and Third Party Missions.

More than 600 participants have already provided their feedback during the recent Living Planet Symposium in Prague.

The survey, addressed to both scientific and commercial data users, will remain open until 31 May 2016.

New version of the VT GOCE data visualisation tool available

28 April 2016

A new version of the data visualisation tool VT GOCE is now available. It can be accessed directly via VT GOCE Web.

Updated version of GOCE/GRACE gravity gradients grids available

21 March 2016

Out of the complete set of 6 global gravity gradients grids, at 225 km and at 255 km altitude, two full gradient grids have been updated due to computation algorithm improvements and a correction of the file header. The new grids now cover a longer time window and exhibit a reduced noise level.

GUT - New version 3.1 released

18 January 2016

A new version of the GOCE User Toolbox (GUT), v. 3.1, has been released with many improvements! Among them is the new Graphical User Interface (GUI), enabling users to exploit the full potential of the tool.

Full GOCE/GRACE gravity gradients grids available for geophysical studies

22 October 2015

GOCE/GRACE combined gravity gradients grids, with and without topographic corrections at 225 and 255 km, have been computed and made available, for geophysical modelling studies, by the GOCE+ GeoExplore project.

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