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Swarm Science Meeting and Geodetic Missions Workshop

24 November 2016

The European Space Agency, jointly with partners in Canada, is organising a cornerstone event in the area of exploitation of data from Swarm and geodetic satellite missions, including GOCE, GRACE, synthetic aperture radar and future missions. The Fourth Swarm Science Meeting and the accompanying Geodetic Missions Workshop are organised at the Park Lodge Hotel in Banff, Alberta, Canada from 20 to 24 March 2017.

This is a reminder for all users interested in participating to the event, that the deadline for abstract submission - 04 December 2016 - is approaching fast.

This meeting is part of a broader 2017 ESA Earth Explorer science meeting, which also includes the North-American CryoSat Science meeting

In these co-located meetings the European Space Agency aims to address science, applications and services in the context of its Earth Explorer series of missions, ranging in focus from the Earth's outer core to the magnetosphere. Specifically, as the Swarm mission is about to complete three years of extremely successful science operations, the meeting will bring together the wider international scientific community to explore and develop scientific and application synergies and to propel the mission into its next phase.

In order to benefit from and exploit the scientific symbiosis between Swarm and dedicated (present and future) geodetic satellite missions like GRACE, ESA's own GOCE mission and SAR missions, the meeting furthermore features a Geodetic Missions Workshop, focusing on synergies between - and the application of - spacebar techniques for all geodetic purposes. Given the strong community support for more and better space-based missions dealing with high-quality and high-temporal-resolution measurements of mass variations in the Earth system, relevant future mission ideas and concepts will also be a core part of the workshop programme, including concepts addressing the terrestrial reference frame and positioning.

The workshop will furthermore bridge oceanographic applications of Swarm and CryoSat, benefitting from the fact that the CryoSat North-American Science meeting is co-hosted at the same venue on the same dates.

A list of keynote lecturers and topics is now available on the meeting website. We aim to use these keynote speeches to stimulate discussion and to provide impetus to the definition of priorities in the years ahead. Based on the abstracts received a more detailed programme will be published in January 2017.

The full week of meetings will be free of charge to all users. A highly attractive and sponsored meeting package, including friendly rates for accommodation, breakfast, lunch and airport transportation to/from Calgary airport, as well as a social event to remember should further ensure that nobody misses this milestone event.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Banff.

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