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The SSTI is a state-of-the-art GPS receiver that has been designed to operate in a low-Earth orbit environment. The objective is to provide the SST-hl (Satellite-to-Satellite Tracking - high/low) contribution to the gravity field recovery, by the simultaneous tracking of up to 12 GPS satellite signals. In addition, SSTI provides data for precise orbit determination; it is also used for real-time on-board navigation and attitude-reference-frame determination.
12-channel dual-frequency GPS receiver
Technical Characteristics
Phase center knowledge accuracy (L1/L2): 1.84 mm / 2.35 mm
Spatial Resolution:
Swath Width:
Earth Topics
Solid Earth ( Geoid )
Related Instruments
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GOCE's Measurements of the Gravity Field and Beyond ESA Bulletin download
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Release of GOCE Level-2 data up to the end of mission operations and GOCE SSTI Commissioning data

06 March 2014

GOCE Level-2 data (Gravity gradients, orbits and positioning data) from the last satellite calibration, on 01 October 2013, to the end of Nominal Operations, on 21 October 2013, are now available through the GOCE Virtual Online Archive.