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The main objective of EGG is to measure the three components of the GGT (Gravity-Gradient Tensor). The EGG instrument, designed and developed at ONERA (Office National d'Etudes et de Recherches Aérospatiales) and manufactured at Thales Alenia Space, France, is based on an ambient temperature, closed loop, capacitive accelerometer concept.

Three-axis diagonal gradiometer, based on three pairs ofelectrostatic servo-controlled accelerometers.
Technical Characteristics
Spatial Resolution:
Resolution of accelerometer measurements is < 2.0 x 10-12 m s-2Hz-1/2
Swath Width:
Earth Topics
Solid Earth ( Geoid )
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Release of GOCE Level-2 data up to the end of mission operations and GOCE SSTI Commissioning data

06 March 2014

GOCE Level-2 data (Gravity gradients, orbits and positioning data) from the last satellite calibration, on 01 October 2013, to the end of Nominal Operations, on 21 October 2013, are now available through the GOCE Virtual Online Archive.