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Envisat/ERS - MERCI SSO Integration for MERIS FRS and (A)ATSR

22 June 2017

Users are informed that a new release of the MERCI Catalogue and Inventory (v2.4.1) with integration into the ESA EO Single Sign-On (EO-SSO) architecture is now available for access to the Envisat MERIS Full Resolution (FRS) as well as the Envisat and ERS (A)ATSR datasets.

ESA EO users already having a registration for free access to MERIS FRS or (A)ATSR data can retrieve the new access information via the "My Online data" area on the My Earthnet pages using their personal EO-SSO account. The same EO-SSO ID is applicable for the two MERCI (http) instances and the existing URL addresses will remain unchanged.

New users can obtain access via Fast Registration for the respective products at:

Note that the current FTP account for access to the MERIS FRS Level 1 and 2 data will be gradually phased out.  Bulk download is instead available via MERCI (http).

Regarding the (A)ATSR datasets, only the Level 1b TOA_1P (Gridded Brightness Temperature/Reflectance) and the NR__2P (Gridded Surface Temperature) Level 2 products are accessible via the MERCI interface.  All products are hence still also available via the existing FTP account.

Please contact EOHelp if any further clarification or assistance is required to access the MERIS FRS or the (A)ATSR data via the new EO-SSO integrated service.

See also news regarding the MERCI SSO integration for the Envisat MERIS Reduced Resolution (RR) data of 27 June 2016.